DIY Laundry Soap

So yesterday I hosted my 2nd Annual Essential Oil Christmas Make and Take and again, it was a HUGE hit!!! I really enjoy seeing everyone come out and make goodies using essential oils!!! This year was an open house style, yet everyone was there ready to go at the start time! It was crazy initially, because I wasn’t quite ready. Naturally, I got virtually NO sleep the night before and still had a bunch of stuff to get done beforehand. Ryan took the kids a little early and I was running around like a crackhead. Even with the chaos in the beginning, I think everyone had a great time!

We usually make 4-5 items and I have a ton of door prizes to give out. I had a last minute change of heart and decided everyone needs a door prize! So laundry detergent and dishwasher tabs for everyone!!!

A few years ago, a friend and coworker was telling me about this laundry soap she made. At first, it literally didn’t register in my brain. But the more I was thinking about it, the more I became interested. Especially, after just spending a crap ton of money on Dreft and Tide.  She made this soap and only needed 1-2 tablespoons per load. and each batch made an enormous amount. I’m pretty sure a year went by before I actually asked her for the recipe. I was DONE spending an arm and a leg of laundry soap. I mean, it is essential and needed. but whyyyyy does it cost SO much. I even tried couponing. Ive seen people get laundry soap virtually free using coupons. But howwwww??? I used coupons and maybe got a dollar off?!? Gee, thanks. *eyeroll*

Amy sent me the recipe and I went to the store. I had some things on hand, so I think I only spent around $40. But I was ready to give it a go. And boy was I glad I did!! I will NEVER buy detergent again!!! It’s not “chemical free” like all my oil lovin friends use, but it cleans and its CHEAP! It’s HE safe and only take 1-2 tablespoons right in the drum. Yes, ONLY 1-2 TABLESPOONS!!! It’s THAT awesome and will last a really, really long time. I have no idea how many loads of laundry I do in a week with my family of 6. Is crap-ton a good measurable amount?!?! Really, though. We have A LOT of laundry and this batch has lasted a year. Even with all the samples I’ve shared!!

Laundry Detergent Recipe
*Links are what I used*

1 Box Borax
1 Box Washing Soda 
1 Tub OxyClean
2 Boxes (2lb) Baking Soda
2 Purex Chrystals
2 Bars Fels Naptha Soap OR Zote

First thing is to grate the bars of soap. No scratch that. Who has time for that nonsense?!?!  So do what I did. Cut the bars into 1 pieces and microwave in a glass bowl for one minute. 

You may have to do a few additional 1 minute intervals until the soap bubbles and expands completely. It will look like this…

Allow it to cool completely. Once its cool, break it into sections and place in a food processor. This will turn into tiny pieces and practically powder in a lot less time. But if you want to spend all day hand grating it, be my guest!!!
Best thing to do is to layer each ingredient several times.

 Once everything is in the container, mix around with a big mixing spoon. There will be A LOT! I stored mine in Purex bottles. If you use the purex bottles and save the measuring lid, there are three lines marked. The middle is about 2 tablespoons!!! So use that to measure out your soap and throw it in the drum!!! I’ll be making a batch next month, if not sooner. I’ll post some pictures here!! Let me know how you like it!!



DIY Bug Spray Recipes

Now that Spring is FINALLY here, I want to be prepared for the summer bug season. Missouri bugs are relentless and show no mercy. So I go all in when it comes to mosquito repellent. I have huge planters that I plant marigolds, lemongrass, catnip, and citronella. This year I plan to add lavender and rosemary to the mix too. I’ve used every repellent out there including candles, coils, tiki torches, every spray known to man, and even a handy gadget called THERMACELL, (which is pretty awesome I might add). But now that I have kids, I have to be really careful what I use. Not only because of their sensitive skin, but because it’s all toxic and full of chemicals. Even the brands marketed as “all natural” and “organic” contain chemicals. Look it up! So making a DIY bug spray with my oils was a no brainer.  I wanted to follow up with last week’s blog post, so I thought I’d share a few different recipes for bug repellent sprays.

PSK Bug spraybug spray purification

bug spray recipe 1

This is a recipe for tick repellent. Our family has a farm and LOTS of tall grasses and it seems the ticks come by the millions up there. Ticks are not only freak me out because they attach to you, they can make you VERY sick. If you find that a tick has latched into the skin, you can use a drop of Peppermint oil or Mel A (Tea Tree oil) on the tick to remove it. Be sure to get the entire tick out of the skin. ALWAYS keep an eye on tick bites after they have been removed. The site may become red or a little swollen, but if you experience prolonged redness, swelling, rash, fevers/chills, muscle weakness, fatigue, headaches, or swollen lymph nodes, seek medical attention immediately. Although the likelihood contacting Lyme disease is minimal, it still occurs and is very important to be caught early! tick repellentAnd just in case you need bug bite relief………. My anti-itch stick recipe!

Anti Itch Stick

I hope these recipes help you and your family stay free and clear of mosquitoes and ticks this year! I know we will be using these lie they’re going out of style this year! Let me know if you have tried these and what you think!

If are looking into using oils for you and your family, please email me at and I would be happy to help! If you would like to order a kit and join my team, CLICK HERE!

Until next time!!


Everything Outdoors with Essential Oils!

Ok, so this is a lazy post for sure. But it’s a helpful post and that’s all that matters. The weather is quickly changing for the warmer (THANK GOD), but with that come the bugs. I recently made a DIY bug repellent, and I have to say I was impressed. The Missouri mosquitoes will carry me off to their motherland and eat me alive if I’m not wearing any protection. And I’ve noticed the same for my daughters as well. It must be our sweetness they’re after!! Here is a great graphics for a DIY NATURAL bug spray! The bonus part is, these are all oils included in the PREMIUM STARTER KIT!!

This is on my next To-Do list!! I may modify my recipe with the natural element zinc, but I have heard wonderful things about this natural sunscreen! Also, using the Lavender Hand & Body Lotion instead of the coconut oils works well too! Be on the lookout for my own version of natural sunscreen!

It’s that time of year!!! I actually am going to grow my own lavender and herbs this year and start it from seedlings. I figured it would be a cute little learning project with the girls and save a little cash purchasing full grown plants late spring. I think they will enjoy it!
Aaaaaannndd…. it’s THAT time of the year…. It’s that time of year where I get really ticked at myself because I haven’t dedicated enough tie for myself to run and the results are obvious. I feel sluggish and the thought of buying a swimsuit for our summer Florida trip actually makes me want to barf. So, with that being said and my Young Living Ortho-Ease on the way, I will be running tonight!!

What are some of your outdoor DIYs with oils?? Post in the comments!


DIY Salsa with Essential Oils Recipe

Salsa Feature Image

I hosted an Intro to Essential Oils last week and it was a blast! I think a lot was learned and fun was had by all! I wanted to have light snacks and drinks and of course include essential oils in any way i could. We had water and tea with either Lime or Lemon, classic hummus with lemon, fresh fruit and a dip with lemon that would blow your socks off and a salsa with lime. The salsa made an entire Pampered Chef Classic Batter Bowl! So it might be wise to cut this recipe in half, unless you really, REALLY like salsa!




This is SO easy!! Wash and quarter all the veggies, take all the seeds out of the peppers (unless you want it really hot) and throw into a food processor. I actually started with the tomatoes because they carry all the water and would allow everything to blend nicely. Once everything was to the desired consistency, I poured into a glass bowl and added 3-4 drops of Lime. Gave it a good stir and voila! It was a big hit!!


Let me know if you try this and what you think!!

XOXO- Leslie

Cooking with Essential Oils: Crock-Pot Rotisserie Chicken


Being a mom of three under three always has me moving. Whether it’s removing my newly crawling baby out of the dog food, or constantly chasing after my two and three year old, I never stop. And between the endless diaper changes, “MOMMY, I NEED HELP WIPING, PLEASE!” (at least she’s polite while yelling), and the trails of toys to be cleaned, dinner time always seems to sneak up on me. Then the questions arises: “What do you want for dinner?” I swear this question causes more controversy in marriages than anything else. Here’s how it goes in my house:

Ryan: What do you want for dinner?

Me: I don’t care. What do you want for dinner?

Ryan: I don’t care. I picked last time.

Me: No, I picked the last time. (I usually fib at this point because this conversation is doomed…) 😛

So I have really gotten into the habit of meal planning. Not only does it solve the “What’s for dinner?” fiasco, but it saves money and decreases wasted food. I will go through my Pinterest Recipes and cookbooks and pick out what sounds good for the two week period. I make a grocery list and make a huge trip to Aldi. If there’s something that Aldi doesn’t carry or I won’t buy there, I’ll go to another store. But usually I try to group everything into one or two big trips. I write down the meals for the two week period in my Erin Condren Life Planner. Everything goes into that planner!! So, then in the morning or night before, I take a look at what I’m making for dinner and pull out any meat if needed. Now, I don’t always stick to what’s written down for the week, so an impromptu change up may occur! And then I always have a frozen pizza, spaghetti, or chilli ingredients for the nights we’re rushed on time.

This is a rotisserie chicken recipe I came up with a while ago and recently started using essential oils in it. If I were to guess, this is a pretty health conscientious recipe. And maybe even ‘clean’??? i don’t know! I found a basic poultry rub recipe and googled cooking a whole chicken in the crock pot. Aldi carries the perfect crock-pot sized whole birds for about $6 and you can get at least two meals of out it. Can’t beat the price, but you have to face handling a whole bird. For me, this was the biggest milestone of being a grownup. Screw birthing babies, or getting married. Cooking a whole bird is the definition of adulthood. And if you know me and how I handle raw meat,! I’m not even going to go there when it comes to the little baggie of innards… >>I’m dry heaving writing about it.<< Gross. Anyways, this is what I do to make a rotisserie chicken in the crock-pot. We’ll have chicken and sides the night I make it and then use the leftovers for pastas, soups, pulled bbq chicken, etc.

Crock-Pot Rotisserie Chicken Recipe


Whole Chicken

3-4 carrots

3-4 stalks of celery

1 medium onion

2-4 garlic cloves

1 lemon

1-2 sprigs of rosemary

Olive oil

Lemon and Rosemary essential oils (Click here to learn what I use.)


1 tablespoon kosher salt

1 tablespoon pepper

1 teaspoon onion powder

1 teaspoon garlic powder

1 teaspoon paprika (I use smoked paprika)


2 large pieces of aluminum foil

butcher twine or toothpicks


I prep everything first to avoid any kind of contamination so I slice the carrots, celery, and onion into 1/3 inch pieces and place in a bowl along with the cloves of garlic. Slice the lemon into 4 slices and have the rosemary set aside. Cut a 12 inch piece of twine to hold the legs together-or you can use toothpicks! Add all the rub ingredients to a separate bowl and set aside. TTO_002_01This is a really important part!! Take one large (18 inches) piece of aluminum foil and crumble into and flat ball and place into the crock-pot. Do this once more for a total of two. This prevents the bird from sitting down in the juices and becoming soggy. Plus, this is what really helps with the rotisserie taste and texture of the chicken. Spray the entire crock-pot and aluminum with cooking spray.


This is where you get down and dirty with the birdy!! In the sink with gloves on my hands, I take the bag-o-goods out. This is the part where I dry heave for a good 30 seconds: I separate the skin from the breast with my finger and put a spoonful of rub down in there and smear it around. Once you get that part done, you’re golden! You don’t have to do this, but it really does flavor the breast meat. Sprinkle a spoonful of rub in the cavity and fill with veggies. Tie the legs together with the twine or pull skin over and secure with toothpicks. Next, pour a tablespoons worth of olive oil on the bird and rub all over. Take the left over veggies and place them into the crock-pot around but not on top on the aluminum balls. Then place the whole bird, breast down (like it’s sitting on its legs) into the crock-pot and coat with rub. Place the lemon slices and rosemary on top and add a few 2-3 drops of Lemon and Rosemary essential oils. I add about a 1/4 cup of water to the bottom of the crock-pot too. Cover and cook on low for 8 hours or high for 4-5 hours. Once the internal temp is 185 degrees, the bird is done. I like to CAREFULLY take the bird out and place into a broiler safe pan and place in the broiler for 10 minutes or until the skin begins to brown and crisp.


And voila! Your chicken is finito! We had roasted squash, rice vermicelli and french loaf and it was delish! Whatever we don’t use, I use in another dish a few days later. I also save some of the veggies and broth and freeze them to use in chicken noodle soup or chicken and dumplings. It is SO much better with this stock and veggies! Plus, it’s THRIFTY! No store bought sodium filled chicken broth!TTO_006_01

TTO_007_01Let me know if you’ve tired this and what you think!!
Until next time!!

DIY Sick Day Playdough Recipe

I don’t know about you, but I am so over this winter. Not only is the snow, ice and cold temperatures getting on my nerves, so are all the bugs going around!! This has been a horrible year for the cold and flu season. And it seems the same illnesses are just making viscous circles all over. In my household, it was first strep, then a GI bug, and now head cold as the cherry on top. Knock on wood, but my kids have been relatively well. Besides the trip to the doctors for strep, they only go in for their well baby check ups. And I’d like to keep it that way!

I have been diffusing Thieves around the clock. Thieves has been tested and proven for it’s cleansing abilities. It’s also highly effective in supporting the immune system and good health. And it smells WONDERFUL!! Thieves is made up of lemon, cinnamon, clove, rosemary, and eucalyptus and actually has a really cool back story. You can read it here.

The girls are really starting to suffer from cabin fever, like every other kiddo stuck in the house because of the weather. Yeah, I could take them to the playground in the mall, but to me that’s like asking to get sick! I would be that mom who wipes down every surface and cleaning my kids hands continually!! I’m usually not like that, but this year has shown no mercy!!! We NEED warm weather!! The house needs to be opened and aired out. The kids need to play OUTSIDE. The cold has got to GO! Us parents need a break!!!

My mom made homemade play dough when I was kid and I always enjoyed that. So I dug out an old recipe for play dough and tweaked it a little bit to also be health beneficial. I wanted it to be as clean as possible but also help the girls out with their snotty noses. I made the play dough and added essential oils at the very end. Here’s what I did!

DIY Sick Day Play Dough Recipe

  • 5 Cups White Flour
  • 1 1/2 Cup Salt
  • 4 Tablespoons Cream of Tartar
  • 1/2 Cup Warm Coconut Oil
  • 4 Cups of Water
  • Essential Oils- Click here to learn what I use.


Mix flour, salt, cream of tartar, and coconut oil in pot on low.

TTO_004Stir frequently to prevent burning or sticking. You may have to turn the heat up to medium for a few minutes to melt the coconut oil, but don’t leave it there and get too warm!

TTO_005Once everything is combined and pulls away from the pot, remove and knead the dough out to a smooth consistency. If it doesn’t look like playdough at this point, add more coconut oil or flour/salt dusting to get desired consistency.

I cut the dough in half and made two separate concoctions. I made one with Lavender and Melaleuca. Mel A is also known as tea tree oil and supports the immune system. Lavender is wonderful for relaxing and aids in sleep. We played with this one right before nap time. Well, they are sound asleep and I’m here writing on my blog. Lavender for the win! The second half was strictly Thieves.

TTO_007The first thing Miley said was “Mmm.. Mom it smells so good!” Yes, dear. I know!
TTO_008TTO_010 TTO_009Of course there had to be Hello Kitty and Minnie involved!

TTO_011Little Isla just reaped the benefits of the lavender!!! ZZZzzzzzzz………

TTO_006Let me know if you try this!! I want to hear from you. What do you do to keep your kids healthy?!?

XOXO- Leslie

Things to know BEFORE using Essential Oils

Getting started using oils can be IS very overwhelming. I suggest doing a little research and knowing the basics before diving right in like I did. I mean, looking back it’s kind of funny what I did, but I probably should have known better. So here is a list of things I learned the hard way and things you should know before starting!

1. Do not use oils with plastic! I’m a huge water drinker and I love adding lemon slices or juice so it’s not so BLAH. So I got my kit, made a huge glass of water in my plastic Starbucks cup and added a few drops of lemon. And boy was it delish! I thought it was awesome until I went to take a drink again and my straw wasn’t there. The oils had literally eaten through the plastic and busted it. Here’s what happens: Oils, especially citrus oils, can breakdown certain types of plastics and release toxins. So to be safe, always use glassware or metal when consuming anything containing essential oils. I bought this glass water bottle from Target and love it! I also bought these metal straws that fit perfectly into that bottle.


Like what I did there? 😛

2. Speaking of using glass, this means you need to store your oils in tinted glass containers. If you are making sugar scrubs or lotions, be sure to use glass bowls and metal stirring utensils. Mason jars make the perfect containers and they are inexpensive. Just keep them out of direct sunlight!

3. Carrier Oils– These can be used for alllll sorts of things! Diluting your oils with grapeseed, jojoba, or almond oil to make roller balls and coconut oil to make rubs and lotions. Young Living also has a carrier oil called V-6 Vegetable Oil Complex. I use a carrier with every single oil I use to stretch them out longer but mostly, because my kiddos are so little, they MUST be diluted.

4. Science lesson 101: OILS AND WATER DO NOT MIX! Remember that from like 6th grade science class?!!? Well, they still don’t mix! So if you accidentally get an essential oil in a place it shouldn’t be (eyes or ears), NEVER try to wash it out with water. They don’t mix so it wont do you any good. Wash it out with a carrier oil!

5. Don’t trash those old bottles!! When I finish an oil, I do one of a few things. If it’s an oil that I would use in a hot relaxing bath, I simply put the empty parts and bottle in a bigger glass container full of Epsom salt. The salt will absorb the residual oil and bind better when poured in the bath water. I do this with EVERY bottle of lavender, Peace and Calming, and Cedar Wood. No oil goes to waste in my house!! With oils that are “hot” like Peppermint, I’ll fill the bottle half way with a carrier and continue to use it for my my topical applications. Once that runs out I just wash it to reuse the bottle. Reuse the bottles for your own blends! Or give samples to friends or family to try.

6. Hot oils– The term “hot” oil will certainly never be forgotten if you’ve had a bad experience first hand. Learn from me… I was SO excited to get Christmas Spirit back in November. My sister bought it and said it smelled AUH-mazing. So when mine arrived, the first thing I did was open it and take a big ‘ol whiff of it. Well, not paying attention I touched my nose and lip with the bottle. OUCH! HOT! BURNING! MAKE IT STOP! Uh, yeah. So I found out the hard way it was a “hot” oil. And since I didn’t know rubbing water on it would only increase the surface area therefore making it burn everywhere, I was dying! Ok, not dying, but it hurt like hell! But I learned. Look up each oil to determine if it is hot and always test any oil on your forearm for any kind of reaction. Most common hot oils are Peppermint, Oregano, Lemon, Thieves, Cinnamon, Clove, and lemongrass.

7. Getting those pesky labels off- Lemon oil is amazing at breaking down adhesives. The YL labels come off fairly easy after being soaked in water, but other labels, not so much. So here’s what to do for labels that won’t come off of your bottles. Put your bottle in a glass container or warm water and add a drop or two of lemon. Let is sit an hour or so and the label will peel right off. This also works WONDERS on gum stuck in hair! Or the random Hello Kitty or Minnie Mouse stickers stuck to windows or the floors. I just put a drop of lemon on a cotton ball and rub the sticker or leftover residue right off. Can you tell I hate stickers?!?!


7. Never use oils in a wax warmer! I’m starting to see more and more people just starting out with oils throwing them in a warmer like a Scentsy warmer. DON’T DO IT! Step away from the warmer!!! While it feels natural to put a smell-good in a warmer, NEVER put your oils in there! Here’s why- Heat can cause your oils to break down and lose their benefits. They will probably still smell good, but you won’t benefit from their true purpose. So then what’s the point? Keep them in your diffuser! If you are wanting a room to smell good and short a diffuser, put a few drops on a cotton ball and throw it in the vent or mix a few drops of oil with a pinch or two of Epsom salt in a glass spray bottle and fill with distilled water or vodka for a room air freshener. I also put a drop of oil on a business card and slide it in the car vent. Gotta have oils everywhere, right??

These are just a few things to know before using oils. Here is Young Livings FAQs. Be sure to read it too!

What are other things that should be known before using oils?? Leave a comment and let me know what I missed!