Things to know BEFORE using Essential Oils

Getting started using oils can be IS very overwhelming. I suggest doing a little research and knowing the basics before diving right in like I did. I mean, looking back it’s kind of funny what I did, but I probably should have known better. So here is a list of things I learned the hard way and things you should know before starting!

1. Do not use oils with plastic! I’m a huge water drinker and I love adding lemon slices or juice so it’s not so BLAH. So I got my kit, made a huge glass of water in my plastic Starbucks cup and added a few drops of lemon. And boy was it delish! I thought it was awesome until I went to take a drink again and my straw wasn’t there. The oils had literally eaten through the plastic and busted it. Here’s what happens: Oils, especially citrus oils, can breakdown certain types of plastics and release toxins. So to be safe, always use glassware or metal when consuming anything containing essential oils. I bought this glass water bottle from Target and love it! I also bought these metal straws that fit perfectly into that bottle.


Like what I did there? ๐Ÿ˜›

2. Speaking of using glass, this means you need to store your oils in tinted glass containers. If you are making sugar scrubs or lotions, be sure to use glass bowls and metal stirring utensils. Mason jars make the perfect containers and they are inexpensive. Just keep them out of direct sunlight!

3. Carrier Oils– These can be used for alllll sorts of things! Diluting your oils with grapeseed, jojoba, or almond oilย to make roller balls and coconut oil to make rubs and lotions. Young Living also has a carrier oil called V-6 Vegetable Oil Complex. I use a carrier with every single oil I use to stretch them out longer but mostly, because my kiddos are so little, they MUST be diluted.

4. Science lesson 101: OILS AND WATER DO NOT MIX! Remember that from like 6th grade science class?!!? Well, they still don’t mix! So if you accidentally get an essential oil in a place it shouldn’t be (eyes or ears), NEVER try to wash it out with water. They don’t mix so it wont do you any good. Wash it out with a carrier oil!

5. Don’t trash those old bottles!! When I finish an oil, I do one of a few things. If it’s an oil that I would use in a hot relaxing bath, I simply put the empty parts and bottle in a bigger glass container full of Epsom salt. The salt will absorb the residual oil and bind better when poured in the bath water. I do this with EVERY bottle of lavender, Peace and Calming, and Cedar Wood. No oil goes to waste in my house!! With oils that are “hot” like Peppermint, I’ll fill the bottle half way with a carrier and continueย to use it for my my topical applications. Once that runs out I just wash it to reuse the bottle. Reuse the bottles for your own blends! Or give samples to friends or family to try.

6. Hot oils– The term “hot” oil will certainly never be forgotten if you’ve had a bad experience first hand. Learn from me… I was SO excited to get Christmas Spirit back in November. My sister bought it and said it smelled AUH-mazing. So when mine arrived, the first thing I did was open it and take a big ‘ol whiff of it. Well, not paying attention I touched my nose and lip with the bottle. OUCH! HOT! BURNING! MAKE IT STOP! Uh, yeah. So I found out the hard way it was a “hot” oil. And since I didn’t know rubbing water on it would only increase the surface area therefore making it burn everywhere, I was dying! Ok, not dying, but it hurt like hell! But I learned. Look up each oil to determine if it is hot and always test any oil on your forearm for any kind of reaction. Most common hot oils are Peppermint, Oregano, Lemon, Thieves, Cinnamon, Clove, and lemongrass.

7. Getting those pesky labels off-ย Lemon oil is amazing at breaking down adhesives. The YL labels come off fairly easy after being soaked in water, but other labels, not so much. So here’s what to do for labels that won’t come off of your bottles. Put your bottle in a glass container or warm water and add a drop or two of lemon. Let is sit an hour or so and the label will peel right off. This also works WONDERS on gum stuck in hair! Or the random Hello Kitty or Minnie Mouse stickers stuck to windows or the floors. I just put a drop of lemon on a cotton ball and rub the sticker or leftover residue right off. Can you tell I hate stickers?!?!


7. Never use oils in a wax warmer! I’m starting to see more and more people just starting out with oils throwing them in a warmer like a Scentsy warmer. DON’T DO IT! Step away from the warmer!!! While it feels natural to put a smell-good in a warmer, NEVER put your oils in there! Here’s why- Heat can cause your oils to break down and lose their benefits. They will probably still smell good, but you won’t benefit from their true purpose. So then what’s the point? Keep them in your diffuser! If you are wanting a room to smell good and short a diffuser, put a few drops on a cotton ball and throw it in the vent or mix a few drops of oil with a pinch or two of Epsom salt in a glass spray bottle and fill with distilled water or vodka for a room air freshener. I also put a drop of oil on a business card and slide it in the car vent. Gotta have oils everywhere, right??

These are just a few things to know before using oils. Here is Young Livings FAQs. Be sure to read it too!

What are other things that should be known before using oils?? Leave a comment and let me know what I missed!



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