DIY Salsa with Essential Oils Recipe

Salsa Feature Image

I hosted an Intro to Essential Oils last week and it was a blast! I think a lot was learned and fun was had by all! I wanted to have light snacks and drinks and of course include essential oils in any way i could. We had water and tea with either Lime or Lemon, classic hummus with lemon, fresh fruit and a dip with lemonย that would blow your socks off and a salsa with lime. The salsa made an entire Pampered Chef Classic Batter Bowl! So it might be wise to cut this recipe in half, unless you really, REALLY like salsa!




This is SO easy!! Wash and quarter all the veggies, take all the seeds out of the peppers (unless you want it really hot) and throw into a food processor. I actually started with the tomatoes because they carry all the water and would allow everything to blend nicely. Once everything was to the desired consistency, I poured into a glass bowl and added 3-4 drops of Lime. Gave it a good stir and voila! It was a big hit!!


Let me know if you try this and what you think!!

XOXO- Leslie


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