Everything Outdoors with Essential Oils!

Ok, so this is a lazy post for sure. But it’s a helpful post and that’s all that matters. The weather is quickly changing for the warmer (THANK GOD), but with that come the bugs. I recently made a DIY bug repellent, and I have to say I was impressed. The Missouri mosquitoes will carry me off to their motherland and eat me alive if I’m not wearing any protection. And I’ve noticed the same for my daughters as well. It must be our sweetness they’re after!! Here is a great graphics for a DIY NATURAL bug spray! The bonus part is, these are all oils included in the PREMIUM STARTER KIT!!

This is on my next To-Do list!! I may modify my recipe with the natural element zinc, but I have heard wonderful things about this natural sunscreen! Also, using the Lavender Hand & Body Lotion instead of the coconut oils works well too! Be on the lookout for my own version of natural sunscreen!

It’s that time of year!!! I actually am going to grow my own lavender and herbs this year and start it from seedlings. I figured it would be a cute little learning project with the girls and save a little cash purchasing full grown plants late spring. I think they will enjoy it!
Aaaaaannndd…. it’s THAT time of the year…. It’s that time of year where I get really ticked at myself because I haven’t dedicated enough tie for myself to run and the results are obvious. I feel sluggish and the thought of buying a swimsuit for our summer Florida trip actually makes me want to barf. So, with that being said and my Young Living Ortho-Ease on the way, I will be running tonight!!

What are some of your outdoor DIYs with oils?? Post in the comments!



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