DIY Laundry Soap

So yesterday I hosted my 2nd Annual Essential Oil Christmas Make and Take and again, it was a HUGE hit!!! I really enjoy seeing everyone come out and make goodies using essential oils!!! This year was an open house style, yet everyone was there ready to go at the start time! It was crazy initially, because I wasn’t quite ready. Naturally, I got virtually NO sleep the night before and still had a bunch of stuff to get done beforehand. Ryan took the kids a little early and I was running around like a crackhead. Even with the chaos in the beginning, I think everyone had a great time!

We usually make 4-5 items and I have a ton of door prizes to give out. I had a last minute change of heart and decided everyone needs a door prize! So laundry detergent and dishwasher tabs for everyone!!!

A few years ago, a friend and coworker was telling me about this laundry soap she made. At first, it literally didn’t register in my brain. But the more I was thinking about it, the more I became interested. Especially, after just spending a crap ton of money on Dreft and Tide.  She made this soap and only needed 1-2 tablespoons per load. and each batch made an enormous amount. I’m pretty sure a year went by before I actually asked her for the recipe. I was DONE spending an arm and a leg of laundry soap. I mean, it is essential and needed. but whyyyyy does it cost SO much. I even tried couponing. Ive seen people get laundry soap virtually free using coupons. But howwwww??? I used coupons and maybe got a dollar off?!? Gee, thanks. *eyeroll*

Amy sent me the recipe and I went to the store. I had some things on hand, so I think I only spent around $40. But I was ready to give it a go. And boy was I glad I did!! I will NEVER buy detergent again!!! It’s not “chemical free” like all my oil lovin friends use, but it cleans and its CHEAP! It’s HE safe and only take 1-2 tablespoons right in the drum. Yes, ONLY 1-2 TABLESPOONS!!! It’s THAT awesome and will last a really, really long time. I have no idea how many loads of laundry I do in a week with my family of 6. Is crap-ton a good measurable amount?!?! Really, though. We have A LOT of laundry and this batch has lasted a year. Even with all the samples I’ve shared!!

Laundry Detergent Recipe
*Links are what I used*

1 Box Borax
1 Box Washing Soda 
1 Tub OxyClean
2 Boxes (2lb) Baking Soda
2 Purex Chrystals
2 Bars Fels Naptha Soap OR Zote

First thing is to grate the bars of soap. No scratch that. Who has time for that nonsense?!?!  So do what I did. Cut the bars into 1 pieces and microwave in a glass bowl for one minute. 

You may have to do a few additional 1 minute intervals until the soap bubbles and expands completely. It will look like this…

Allow it to cool completely. Once its cool, break it into sections and place in a food processor. This will turn into tiny pieces and practically powder in a lot less time. But if you want to spend all day hand grating it, be my guest!!!
Best thing to do is to layer each ingredient several times.

 Once everything is in the container, mix around with a big mixing spoon. There will be A LOT! I stored mine in Purex bottles. If you use the purex bottles and save the measuring lid, there are three lines marked. The middle is about 2 tablespoons!!! So use that to measure out your soap and throw it in the drum!!! I’ll be making a batch next month, if not sooner. I’ll post some pictures here!! Let me know how you like it!!



2 thoughts on “DIY Laundry Soap

  1. awesome!! thanks for sharing!!

    so that i’m clear, you recommend putting it in the drum vs. in the little detergent drawer of the washer, correct?



    1. I just put it straight in the drum!! It usually falls in the holes of the drum and mixes with the water that way. I’m not sure, but I would think putting in that tray would cause build up over time. But that’s a total guess!!


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